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Colin and Carin

"We know how much you love your pets; we love our work just as much..."

Carin and Colin are both expertly trained as holistic behaviourists. They trained with Sheila Harper at the International Dog Behaviour Training School (IDBTS) now known as the International Programme for Applied Canine Study (IPACS). Carin originally started her education with Jan Fennell and has since developed her skills, techniques and philosophy with Colin through Sheila Harper.

Carin and Colin work with a wide range of people from pet owners to breeders and horse/livery yard owners. Helping them all manage issues that include fear phobias (fireworks, men etc…) to health concerns and/or skin conditions and allergies. They have helped animals get over past traumas, separation or loss, anxiety and stress related problems.

They also help animals with pain problems, either from old scar tissue or muscle, tendon and ligament damage but the most common issues they face with dog owners is excessive barking, pulling, jumping up, over excitability and aggression.

When you get frustrated this feeling is shared with your pet so although you may achieve your goal and get your dog to do something, you need to be asking yourself “What price am I paying for that?” sometimes the reality turns out to be pretty scary.

Browse through the website to get a full insight into the services they provide.

No matter what your concern is, get in touch. Please don't think your concerns are not worth bothering someone about. A lot of issues start off as little and if nipped in the bud they are dealt with relatively quickly.

Why wait until it has you at the end of your tether!!!


They both practice Applied Zoopharmacognosy as an amazing (and quite often mind blowing) extra tool. Carin and Colin help animals that have deep rooted fears, phobias, past traumas and health concerns. They feel very privileged to have been personally trained by Caroline Ingraham who is the world’s leading expert in this subject and they are dedicated to continuing her work.

They also work a lot with horse owners using this self-selection medication method and it has brought about some truly amazing results. If you have a concern with your horse then 99 times out of 100 Zoopharmacognosy can deal with this and possibly spare you huge and ongoing vet bills. Please go to our Zoopharmacognosy or Equine pages.


On a personal level Carin and Colin recently adopted a rescue dog, Marmaduke. He was severely traumatised over a period of years they are now all going through a heart-warming experience using their skills, knowledge and love. You can follow the progress of the handsome Marmaduke by either going to our blog link page, or you could log directly onto or become his friend on his facebook page (Marmaduke Goodall).

EVERYTHING that Carin and Colin do is kind, gentle and simple but most importantly it makes sense to the dogs. They do not use gadgets, force or intimidation and they also have a huge belief that educating the owners is just as important as supporting and teaching the dogs.

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